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Laboratory of Cancer Immunology 

Chow Lab focuses on investigating what constitute a protective immune response against cancer in order to design effective cancer immunotherapy. The lab combines concepts and techniques from biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, cancer biology, immunology, virology, genomics, cell and animal models, and systems biology to dissect the molecular pathways and gene regulatory networks that modulate the anti-cancer immune response. The ultimate goal of the lab is to develop vaccines and targeted therapies that harness the natural ability of our immune system to fight cancer.

Research Focus

1. Characterization of tumor-immune interactions in solid tumors

Our immune system plays a vital role in eradicating cancer cells. We are interested in the interactions between cancer and immune cells within the tumor microenvironment, and the systemic immune response against cancer. Focusing on myeloid cells, we are specifically interested in the role of innate immune cells in orchestrating an anti-tumor immune response. Additionally, we are exploring how the tumor cells modulate immune cell function to facilitate metastasis.

2. Design of cancer immunotherapy and adjuvants

3. Molecular mechanisms of effective anti-cancer immune response

Latest News

Dr Chow received the Teaching Development Grant to integrate AI into the classroom!

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